And now, my watch has ended. Thank you Interswitch.

Ope Adeoye 2 minute read

When I joined Interswitch (the first coming) in 2006, I was a guy with an objective. I felt "the internet" was coming to Nigeria and I wanted to be on the forefront of creating services that fit very well with the coming wave. I dare say, my time at "The Switch" has accorded me opportunities to explore this motivation to the very fullest. Almost.

And now...

Today is more or less my last work day at Interswitch.

Okay, technically, it's 31st December, 2017. Sunday. But hey...

It's been a very exhilarating ride. I got the privilege of working with a group of people insanely passionate about what they were trying to do and constantly adapting to the realities of a harsh market. Going from about 48 people to 600+, from one building at the corner of Oko Awo to seven, from 4 developers in "Nepa office" to a whole building full of developers. From zero Product Managers to what seems like an army these days. From a handful of products to a portfolio of over a hundred services. Observing this transition was as intense and educative as any B-School programme I could imagine. Maybe even more so.

In my second coming (2009), after a year hiatus, Interswitch gave me the chance to fulfil the aspiration of leading the creation of stuff, rather than being the guy that writes the code alone. I also got the chance to learn the process of formulating long term strategy for a group as diversified as ours. With help from people who know what's up, I got the undeserved privilege to dip my amateur toes in M&A waters and made new friends in the process.

You see ehn... It's been an opportunity and I am most thankful.

I'll be walking into 2018 to begin a new chapter in my journey.

What exactly will I be up to?

Emm... Emm... I may be providing details in the coming weeks. Just know sha... that since I am now officially broke and without a job, if the Spirit leads you to buy me coffee (or pounded yam with efo riro), while we gist about any ideas you have, I will likely not say "no".

Pce out!