If you could rewind 15 years, what would you do differently?

Ope Adeoye 3 minute read

Had lunch with a (new) friend recently who asked me this question. I had never given it thought before, and I really struggled to answer. I think it's a profound question to ask oneself. It may help in charting a course for the next 15. 

I still don't have an answer.

It made me wonder if that means my journey has been perfect. I don't think so. But I don't think there's much I'd change. Maybe if I go back 20 years though, I could could have gotten on the C train earlier. Maybe I'll have played less basketball in school. Maybe I'd have faced my studies and not get that extra year. Maybe I'd have done computer science, statistics or mathematics. Instead of engineering. Maybe I wouldn't have rolled in some circles I did. Maybe I'd have smoked less.


All those things kinda added up and contributed to the outcome. I don't terribly hate the outcome. Though I wish things progressed faster.

Failing in school humbled me and let me know it's important not to forget one's spiritual compass. No matter what. Taught me that being smart without working hard (and working smart) is nothing. Important lesson. If I didn't have that extra year, how would I have gotten to know Sandra, with whom I'm raising Kiki today?

Driving the basketball community taught me leadership and community management lessons I couldn't have picked up in a book. And some social skills. Whatever little I have that is. :P

Doing engineering helped my self esteem. "Engine Boys" were cool.

Picking up C really late, taught me I could learn anything. Anything. At any time I wish.

Getting dependent on (and dropping) nicotine taught me habits can be dropped with help from a force higher than one's determination. 

Rolling with some friends in the later years in school (that parents may have frowned at) helped me understand that people who live on the dark side of the night are real people too with their own fears and aspirations.

I thought also, maybe I'd have attempted to join Interswitch straight out of school. Nah! If I did that, how would I have met Stan, Keni, Sese, Dapo and Essien? How? The folks with whom I developed as a "maker" and picked up mad-ass work ethics.

Ah yes, maybe I'd have gone to church more and stayed closer to friends. But I doubt that, it would have been too much of a burden on time and finances. Yes, I still believe that. And I like to travel light.

Maybe I'd have gone out more and be young, and wild and free... But, what would that contribute to today's price of dodo? 

So... If I could go back 15 years (or 20) what would I do differently?

Still don't know.