My list of recommended features for Twitter

Ope Adeoye 1 minute read

I know they didn't ask me and they probably have people waaaay more genius-y than me recommending what features they can add, but please, humor me?

Thank you. 

(oh well, Ogbeni @jack has sort of asked users publicly, so...)

Instant Articles... or something close

I often click links to articles I'd like to read, then wait and wait for it to open in chrome. After the article opens, it either turns out to be rubbish or too long to read quickly. Would be nice if Twitter implemented a way to open cached-mobile-optimized versions of content shared on Twitter and makes them open instantly. Somehow.

Or just buy Medium and take it from there.


Filter by topic

No, not that "trending" thing... Just a way to pick a specific general topic and see only tweets related to that by the people you already follow. So... looking at my TL, I want to just include (or exclude) tweets/content related to the topics I have just suggested. In realtime. 

Medium already has something like this.


Make the users "nicer"

I think Twitter is already on the way to this. First step is to switch to an algorithmic feed versus a chronological timeline. Then within the algorithm deprioritise posts and comments that tend towards negative... This may irk some users though... But yes, reduce the general jerk-ness found on Twitter.


Really, buy Medium

Just do it.


Add an "edit" button

E dakun. Add it. Don't make me have to delete a tweet or reply my own tweet because of one small typo, autocorrect or grammar blunder. Allow me to just edit it afterwards when I notice it. Thank you.


Integrate with WhatsApp

Show "hot topics" in WhatsApp. Like Blackberry's BBM feeds. But show only the hotest issues by location. Users can respond right within WhatsApp.

Of course, this would likely not happen. Meh.


PS: This is a growing list. I'll keep adding more as it comes to me.