Setting off on a new adventure...

Ope Adeoye 1 minute read

No. I'm not leaving Interswitch. My blood is red and blue.

After a lot of hard and intense work by teams on both sides, the news is now officially out that we are becoming one with VANSO. One couldn't be more proud of the effort and commitment to make the deal happen. Well, it's done now, and we are ready to take things up a notch together.

As part of the process of getting things started, I'll therefore be drawing the curtains on my current responsibilities (holding the flag for strategy & partnerships) and move over to support the VANSO arm of the business.

In the coming months, I'll be working very closely with Denis and the fantastic leadership team at VANSO to finalize the integration and contribute to the effort to keep the business on an up and up.

My immediate new mission in life: Help take mobile access to bank accounts mainstream. 

Once upon a time, in this market, only few accounts had a card linked to it. That gap is now very largely closed. Whether they are using the cards for everything possible is another matter, though.

We are betting that in a few years, we can make it such that the huge gap between "mobilized" accounts and actual bank accounts can also be closed, and that this will open up potential for all sorts of other use cases that may not have been considered before.

It looks like a challenging and interesting journey ahead. But I'm certain it can be done. Carefully thought-through hard work, a bit of luck and LOTS of help from God can make it happen.

Okay, let's get this show on the road!