What do you indulge in?

Ope Adeoye 1 minute read

Recently at work, we were asking one another this question.

What do you find yourself splurging on that you know you should kindof feel guilty about?

People had answers like:

Gadgets: Someone just keeps wasting money on professional cameras and accesories.

Travel: Someone couldn't get tired of trying to see the whole world

Bags: Ridiculously expensive bags

When it came to my turn, I struggled. I couldn't think of anything.

Made me wonder if that means I needed a visit to Yaba. The left side. Apparently, they said your guilty pleasures may be some sort of pointer to your innate motivations and what you'd really like to do with yourself.

I'm not sure about that though, but I think it was odd that I don't know what I waste money on these days. I still can't think of anything sensible. When I said "maybe buying domain names I don't need" they just laughed at me. Hian!

I know growing up though, I saved ALL of my weekly lunch money of N2.50 so I could buy a DC comic or Battle or Mac Wingate fiction. Now, I don't know...

Maybe I should go out more. Get a life!

Do you know what you splurge on?